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Family Access Update
Family Access is now available. You will have access to Academic History, Activities, Attendance, Calendar, Discipline, Email Notifications, Food Service (balances, etc.), Gradebook, and Grad Requirements. New-Free and Reduced Meal Applications will be on Family Access - you may fill in the info and it will be processed electronically! No need to print out the form - just fill it in and follow the instructions. Contact the District Office if you have any questions - 360-289-2447.

What are E-Alerts?
E-Alerts allow users to be notified when changes have been made to specific areas of the website. In order to receive alerts, users must be registered on the site and subscribe to E-Alerts. The text message that subscribed users receive contains a link to the actual homepage or section, allowing them immediate and direct access.

How do you subscribe to E-Alerts?
To receive Content E-Alerts for a homepage or section when an editor changes content and sends a content E-Alert you must do the following:

1. Sign in to the website. Note: You must be a registered user to sign in.

2. Click on the My Account button on the Start Bar and then click Edit Account Settings. A user profile will display, note that the bar across the top has 4 tabs: General, Contact, Alerts, Subscriptions. Follow the instructions on the Alert and Subscription tabs to have information that you are most interested in alerting you via text or email when changes or additions have been made.