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Jessica Preisinger


Phone: (360) 289-3888

Ms. Jessica Preisinger

Where are you from? I moved to Pacific Beach in 1995 from Rainier Valley (Seattle). I moved to Ellensburg and Yakima for a few years. I moved back to the house I grew up in, in Pacific Beach, 4 years ago.

High school and college experience I graduated from North Beach in 2003. I went to Grays Harbor CC to play Fastpitch on a scholarship. I also, walked onto the basketball team there. I graduated in 2005 with my AA. I eventually went to CWU to pursue my career in teaching. I graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor in k-8 Education and a minor in middle school math and science. While I was there, I was played intermural basketball and fastpitch. My basketball team was champions 2 years in a row! I love sports, so naturally I coach….a lot. I coach volleyball, basketball and fastpitch.

Years of teaching experience I started teaching January 2010 at Wapato Middle School. I stayed at Wapato for the next 5 years. In 2015 I moved back to Pacific Beach and started teaching at North Beach. I originally wanted to be a science teacher, but math was always in demand. I’ve been teaching math for 9 years now and wouldn’t want to teach anything else! I love seeing the students grow their math skills. No matter where a student starts at I know they can improve their skills with hard work and my knowledge.

Areas of knowledge I’ve been teaching math for almost a decade! I love everything about it. I’m knowledgeable in elementary math through high school geometry. I have a love for life science as well and have taught a few classes. I’ve coached basketball for even longer! Along with volleyball, tennis and fastpitch.

Words of wisdom Don’t regret your actions, grow from them. But know one day you are going to look back on them, so don’t do anything your future self would be embarrassed about!

Favorite quote: If you want to soar with the eagles, you can’t hoot with the owls – Coach Sutter.

How would you describe yourself and your hobbies and interests: I love being outside! I like to hike, play sports and take pictures. If I’m not outside, then you can probably find me snuggling my dogs and reading a book.